10 LUG 2002

Radical party: Democracy, freedom and the internet: conference at the European Parliament

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Bruxelles, July the 10th 2002 - The Transnational Radical Party, Radicali Italiani and Meps of Lista Bonino organized a conference that took place this morning in Bruxelles named "Democracy, freedom and the internet".

The aim of it was to discuss with members of the European Parliament and with experts working on the internet the way digital technologies are empowering or undermining the civil liberties and rights, mostly after the latest definition given by the EU of the word privacy.Documents Privacy and data retention: citizens' right to privacy and State powers in treating personal data:*
the directive on privacy in electronic comunications and the provision for data retention* Enfopol documents* Europol document * The draft Council framework decision on data retention Cybercrime and cyber-non-violence: the borderline between criminality and civil disobedience on the Net:* the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention* The draft Council framework decision on attacks against information systems* Freedom of opinion, expression, press and information on the Internet E-democracy: from "pilot project" to "fundamental right":* The election of five ICANN At-Large Directors on the Internet* Radicals and the Internet: ww.radicali.itwww.radicalparty.org* the resolution on e-democracy in the EU: english | français | italiano.

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  • Introduction: Marco Cappato, Member of the European Parliament , Co-President of the Transnational Radical Party

    <p><strong>Programme</strong><p><em>First part: Privacy and data retention, Citizens' right to privacy and State powers in treating personal data</em>
    0:00 Durata: 15 min 1 sec
  • Marc Rotemberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center "Current developments and risks on privacy in Europe and in the US; the issue of data retention"

    0:15 Durata: 11 min 49 sec
  • Marian Grubben Regulatory Framework, DG Information Society, European Commission "The legal aspects of traffic data retention for law enforcement from the perspective of the new E-communications privacy Directive"

    0:27 Durata: 8 min 55 sec
  • Susan Binns Director, Functioning and Impact of the Single Market - Coordination and Data Protection, Internal Market DG, European Commission "Assessment of the views of the interested parties (Commission's "Forum" of December the 6th 2001)

    0:38 Durata: 14 min 52 sec
  • Erich Moechel, Quintessenz "Focus on the EU: from the Enfopol documents to the Europol documents and the draft framework decision on data retention; privacy and data retention in Austria and Germany"

    0:57 Durata: 21 min
  • Ottavio Marzocchi, Transnational Radical Party Board

    1:18 Durata: 5 min 49 sec
  • Maurice Wessling, President of European Digital Rights "Designing Big Brother: Data retention developments in Europe and the Netherlands"

    1:25 Durata: 10 min 37 sec
  • Meryem Marzouki, IRIS "Cybercrime and data retention: the French situation and its articulation in the international context"

    1:36 Durata: 21 min 38 sec
  • Simon Davies, Director-General of Privacy International "Privacy and data protection in the EU and the UK after September 11th; the current and potential role of civil society groups in promoting stronger rights"

    1:58 Durata: 13 min 39 sec
  • Ilka Schroder member of the European Parliament

    2:13 Durata: 9 min 4 sec
  • Sarah Ludford, member of the civil liberties commission of the European Parliament

    2:22 Durata: 6 min 32 sec
  • Alima Boumediene-Thiery, member of the European Parliament

    2:30 Durata: 4 min 30 sec
  • Eric Moechel, movie demonstration of a monitoring system made by an american company and used by the police

    2:36 Durata: 4 min 7 sec
  • Yaman Akdeniz, Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties "The Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention and article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights: a critical assessment"

    <p><em>Second part: Cybercrime and cyber-nonviolence; the borderline between criminality and civil disobedience on the Net</em><p><strong>Speakers</strong> </em>
    2:41 Durata: 20 min 22 sec
  • Loïck Coriou, Reporters sans frontières "Freedom of opinion, expression, press and information on the Internet"

    3:02 Durata: 14 min 45 sec
  • Armin Medosch, former editor of online Magazine Telepolis "Political hactivism on the Net"

    3:20 Durata: 15 min 21 sec
  • Andy Mueller- Maghun, ICANN elected member, Chaos Computer Club "Security Issues in the Internet and Global Policy Questions at ICANN"

    3:36 Durata: 30 min 7 sec
  • Zhang Yafei representant of the Falung Gong movement in China

    4:07 Durata: 12 min 23 sec
  • Introduction: Stephen Coleman, Director, e-democracy Programme, Hansard Society

    <p><em>Third part: E-Democracy: from "pilot project" to "fundamental right"</em>
    4:20 Durata: 15 min 51 sec
  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba member of the European Parliament

    4:36 Durata: 12 min 11 sec
  • Jeroen Van Den Hoven, Dpt of Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam "Which kind of democracy for the XXIth century?"

    4:49 Durata: 13 min 30 sec
  • Daniele Capezzone secretary of Radicali Italiani (Radical Italian party)

    5:03 Durata: 17 min 20 sec
  • Laurence Monnoyer Smith, research project manager of EVE "Who's afraid of electronic voting? Opponents to new democratic tools in the USA, Belgium, France and Switzerland"

    5:22 Durata: 19 min 4 sec
  • dott.Resta, Kpeople - E poll project

    5:42 Durata: 16 min 50 sec
  • Matteo Costantini, member of the GiovaniEuropei.com (Young Europeans.com)

    5:59 Durata: 3 min 48 sec
  • Mark Rotemberg conclusions

    6:04 Durata: 3 min 47 sec
  • Ottavio Marzocchi conclusions

    6:09 Durata: 3 min 42 sec