15 OTT 2002

TRP: International Antiprohibitionst meeting in Bruxelles (Alternative policies)

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L'evento è stato organizzato da Area radicale.

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  • Marco Perduca chairman

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    Bruxelles, October 15th 2002 - International Antiprohibitionist League (IAL), the Parliamentarians for Antiprohibitionist Action (PAA) and the Transnational Radical Party (TRP) promoted an international antiprohibitionist meeting hold at the European Parliament. The primary objective of the assembly was the discussion and preparation of concrete actions to demonstrate the failures of prohibition and to promote the antiprohibition alternative. In particular, the meeting aimed to discuss and organize how to best promote drug regulation through an antiprohibitionist reform of the UN Conventions, looking forward at the the UN review conference on drug policies, to be held in March 2003 in Vienna.
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  • S.E. Jan Van der Tas, former dutch Ambassador in Germany: "Dutch policies on drugs and international pressures"

    0:02 Durata: 24 min 25 sec
  • Daniele Capezzone, secretary of Radicali Italiani: "Italian policies on drugs and initiatives for drug legalization"

    0:28 Durata: 23 min 18 sec
  • David Borden, executive director of DRCNET: "United States war on drug and international leadership"

    0:54 Durata: 25 min 34 sec
  • Dr. Ignazio Marcozzi Rozzi, Rome City hall, president of the Agency for drugs: "A pragmatic approach: limits and potentials of local experiences"

    1:23 Durata: 26 min 49 sec
  • Denes Balazs, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union: " Politics on drogs in the eastern Europe: hungarian experience"

    1:53 Durata: 17 min 29 sec
  • Paulo CASACA (European parliament PSE deputy, Portugal)

    2:12 Durata: 3 min 22 sec
  • Prof. Nikolai Chaika, Chief of the medical-scientific information department, Saint Petersburgh, Pasteur Institute: "Use of drugs and HIV in Russia, situation e perspective"

    2:18 Durata: 31 min 25 sec
  • Debate

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