19 FEB 2003

Media: Seminar in Rome: Truth and Mass Media (morning session)

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Rome, February 18th 2003 - The World Conference on Religions and peace organized, together with Franca Eckert Coehn, the roman Major advisor for multietnicity policies, a two day seminar called: 'Truth and Mass media, interreligious perspective for an etic communication: obstacles and possibilities'.

The goal has been to fulfill a longing need of the european religious communities to get a right line of communication with media.Since the WCRP believes that a correct information can relevantly contribute to a growing mentality able to find peaceful solutions to local conflicts, this seminar,
the organizers told, is not going to be an isolated moment.

In this precise hystorical moment, indeed, they are convinced that giving birth to a permanent monitoring structure like that can help media to play a basic role in going over new and old forms of pre-judice.The day seminar of the 18th saw the intervention of various representants of the european mass-media (Tv and paperprint) and university professors together with writers and religious communicators.

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