12 OTT 2001

Emma Bonino in Asia: The misson to Cambogia

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Emma Bonino, leader of the Transnational Radical Party and Member of the European Parliament, went to Asia to meet some political caracters to speak about the ratification of the International Criminal Court.

The first stop of the lesder and her delegation was in Cambodia.Phnom Penh, Friday, 12 - 13 October 2001 - Hon.

Emma Bonino, MEP, and Mariacarmen Colitti, Legal Adviser of No Peace Without Justice, together with Chun Sath and Yi Kosalvathanak, respectively the secretary general and monitoring officer of ADHOC, met the two Secretaries of State of Justice, Mr Ang Vong Vathana and Mr Suy

Both Secretaries of State announced political will at governmental and parliamentary level, to interpret the Statute in a way to avoid amendments to the Cambodian Constitution.

Cambodia is now drafting a new penal Code, where crimes under the jurisdiction of the Court will be included.Meeting with the Legislative Commission of the Nation AssemblyThe delegation then met the members of the Legislative Commission of the National Assembly.

The Chairman, Hon Monh Saphan, announced that on 1st June 2001 the draft ratification bill was transmitted by Prime Minister, Hon.

Hun Sen, to the Commission.

On 9 October the Commission transmitted the same to the Assembly, with positive opinion.


Monh Saphan stated that he will make sure that the adoption of the ICC ratification bill will be placed as prior item on the agenda of the Assembly, that will resume in November this year.

The idea is to have Cambodia among the first sixty States parties to the Statute.Meeting with the Secretary of Funcinpec PartyIn the afternoon the delegation met H.H.

Prince Norodom Sirivudh, Secretary general of FUNCINPEC Party , who assured full support by his party to the ratification of the Rome Statute, " for a real globalisation of human rights ".

Followed a meeting with H.E.

Son Sobert, member of the Constitutional Council.

It is not mandatory for the Parliament to consult the Council, when dealing with ratification of international treaties.

However Sobert affirmed that, if consulted, he will give a positive advice.Meeting with the chairman of the Commitee on Human RightsThe delegation met also Se.

Kem Sokha, Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Reception of Complaints.

He said that ratification of the Statute is a positive act, as it will be a means to implement human rights mechanisms in the Country.

For this reason he affirmed his full support to ratification of the ICC Statute.A meeting with some members of the Legislative Committee of the Senate followed.

The vice-chairman of the Committee, stated the importance of the ICC Statute for Cambodia and the commitment of such Committee to ensure an early ratification.

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  • Emma Bonino meets the two Secretaries of State of Justice

    12th October 2001
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  • Meeting with the members of the Legislative Commission of the Nation Assembly

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  • Meeting with Prince Norodom Sirivudh, Secretary of Funcinpec party

    2:01 Durata: 44 min 48 sec
  • Meeting with Se. Kem Sokha, chairman of the Commitee on Human Rights

    13th October 2001
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