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Marco Cappato: Documents

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  • <strong>Data Retention and Privacy</strong> 31.10.2002 - <strong>The speach at the TRP Congress: "The technological revolution for the liberal revolution"</strong>* <em>The document aproved by the Congress*</em><p> 10.07.2002 - Democracy, freedom and the internet: conference at the European Parliament* 21-06-2002 - Round Table on 'Privacy' at the BBC * 30-05-2002 - Privacy: After the defeat at european vote, Cappato retires his signature from the 'Report on data retention' 29-05-2002 - Privacy: Cappato drives the fight at the European Parliament against the 'Electronic Big Brother' 10-01-2001 - International Conference on Internet and Privacy * <strong>The speeches at the European Parliament</strong> 04-09-2002 Intervention on the attak to Iraq 02-09-2002 On Vietnam situation 02-07-2002 Meeting of the European Council Siviglia, 21/22 June- Balance of the Spanish Presidence 02-07-2002 On the human rights in Italy 13-06-2002 eEurope 2001: Acess and topics of the internet sites 12-06-2002 Preparation of the European Council Siviglia, 21/22 June 2002, and the situation between Pakistan and India 10-06-2002 On the postponing of the report about health care 30-05-2002 Treatment of the data retentions and privacy of electronic personal communications 14-05-2002 State of prevision of Parliament in 2003, Stenmarck report, vote declaration 14-05-2002 State of provision of Parliament in 2003 13-05-2002 About the missed press conference of Jean-Marie Le Pen 06-02-2002 Fight against Terror/European arrest warrant 13-11-2001 Approval of the Cappato report on Data retention and electronic communications 13-11-2001 Money laundering, discussion 24-10-2001 Meeting of the European Council in Gand 24-10-2001 Meeting of the European Council in Gand 06-09-2001 Vote on the electronic comunication, Cappato report 05-09-2001 Electronic comunication - Fighting Hackering 05-09-2001 Debate on the G8 Meeting in Genova 05-07-2001 Meeting of the g8 Premiers, declaration followed by discussion 12-06-2001 European Authority for food, discussion 01-12-1999 Debate on the preparation of the European Council of Helsinki 20-07-1999 Europarlament: The president election <strong>The antiprohibitionist fight against drugs</strong> 28.10.2002 - Cappato condamned by the British Crown Court for an act of civil disobedience<p>*These videos are in english <p><p> <strong>Press Release and articles</strong><p><strong>Marco Cappato's biography</strong><p> Marco Cappato was born on May 25th 1971 in Milan. He lived near Monza (Milan) and took the degree in Economics at the Bocconi University of Milan. <p> Radical activist, on 1995 he became the National Secretary of the Club Pannella-Riformatori movement. <p> Between 1995 and 1998 he has lived in Bruxelles and fighted for the problems of public freedom in the radical group at the European Parliament. He also became Treasurier of the CORA (radical antiprohibitionist coordination). <p> On 1998 he became rapresentative of the Transnational Radical Party at the UN in New York; in the same year he collaborated with No Peace Without Justice for the creation of the International Criminal Court and with the campaign against the death penalty run by Hands off Cain. <p> From february 1999 to July 2001 he has lived in Rome where he has been nomitated as Coordinator of the Radicals for the Liberal Revolution and for the United States of Europe. <p> Since June 1999 he has been elected at the European Parliament. He is member of the Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and of the Energy and the Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs. <p> In 2000 he was candidted as President of the Veneto region. <p> In 2001 he became president of the Directory board of the Transnational Radical Party. <p> In 2002 he supported the campaign for the drug legalisation and was arrested in Manchester for an action of a civil disobedience. In October he was condamned together with his colleegue Chris Davies. <p> In the same year he introduced at the European Parliament the 'Cappato report on data retention'. <p> In November he took part in the european delegation for relations with the United States <p> In December he was elected European of the Year. <p> <strong>Send a question to Marco Cappato</strong><p> <p><p><p><p>P.S.We are sorry, but most of the video are in original language