Full video and transcription of last public speech of Antonio Russo

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    First day speech

    00:009' 21"
    Georgia, 25-26 september 2000 - Full video and transcription of last public speech of Antonio Russo, the radical journalist, envoy of Radical Radio in the zones of war killed between the 15 and 16 Oct
    TRANSCRIPTION: Thank you for the participation to this congress by ecological problem in Cecenia and Caucasian Region. It's very important to let us participate as members of the Transnational Party a
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    Second day speech

    00:0919' 34"

    TRANSCRIPTION: (...) So mean that the main issue to clean the territory, was given from (...), and the picture was about one check point in Grozny, where was stopped one car and was killed one of the ... Leggi tutto
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    Antonio Russo answers to a question about Russian offensive accusation against PRT

    00:283' 24"

    ANSWER: Yes what I can say is for sure for that I am here six months in the area of Georgia between Chechnya and Georgia working for give information and make this I can see something nicer when russi... Leggi tutto