04 MAR 2002

Pr: International Conference «Israel in the European Union» (1)

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Bruxelles, march 4th 2002 - Full video concerning an international conferences promoted by Radical Meps to examine the political and juridical feasibility of full Israeli membership of the European Union, both to create the conditions for a lasting peace agreement in the Middle East and to preserve the democratic nature of the State of Israel.

The conference brings together members of parliament and leading figures both from Israel and the European Union.

Link: Meps' written Declaration in favour of Israel's Full Participation in the European Union.
  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba, in the chair

    <br>Index of proceedings
    0:00 Durata: 4 min 55 sec
  • Greetings: Frederique Ries (Mep, Eldr)

    0:04 Durata: 3 min 14 sec
  • Chariman

    0:08 Durata: 6 min 43 sec
  • Mr. Yasha Reibman, regional deputy

    0:14 Durata: 8 min 2 sec
  • Chairman reads Meps' statement on Israel in UE

    0:22 Durata: 6 min 30 sec
  • Marco Pannella, Mep Radical, Party leader

    0:29 Durata: 41 min 39 sec
  • prof. Alfred Tovias, Hebrew University of Jerusalem "Why should Israel become a full member of the European Union? A Strategic Perspective"

    1:11 Durata: 28 min 37 sec
  • Raymond COHEN, Professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem "Israel: A Return to Europe?"

    1:40 Durata: 49 min 10 sec
  • Chairman, resumes session

    2:32 Durata: 1 min
  • Giora Rosen, Editor, ombudsman of the Israeli Television and Radio

    2:33 Durata: 12 min 26 sec
  • Alfred Tovias, some supplementary remarks

    2:45 Durata: 6 min 11 sec
  • Mr. Dell'Alba answers to some questions

    2:51 Durata: 5 min 57 sec
  • Prof. Tovias answers to a question

    2:57 Durata: 5 min 7 sec