10 DIC 2002

NPWJ: International Conference «Stop Female Genital Mutilation» (First session)

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Bruxelles, december 10th 2002 - On-demand video of the international Conference "Stop Female Genital Mutilation" held in the European Parliament on the occasion of World Human Rights Day.

The Conference aims at presenting the "Stop FGM" Campaign and the International Appeal against Female Genital Mutilation, on the initiative of personalities from Africa and the rest of the world.

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  • In the chair, Edna Adan Ismail, Minister of Family Welfare and Social Development (*)

    <br>Index of proceedings
    0:00 Durata: 2 min 8 sec
  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba, MEP and Secretary General of «No Peace Without Justice»

    0:02 Durata: 2 min 55 sec
  • Welcome remarks by Emma Bonino, MEP and «Stop FGM» campaign leader (*)

    0:05 Durata: 3 min 52 sec
  • Daniela Colombo, President of AIDOS, Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo: The "Stop FGM" Campaign

    0:09 Durata: 13 min 45 sec
  • Edna Adan Ismail, in the chair (*)

    0:22 Durata: 2 min 33 sec
  • Stanley P. Yoder, DHS Project Co-ordinator, Macro International, USA: "The Prevalence of FGM in African countries according to DHS Data" (*)

    0:25 Durata: 8 min 44 sec
  • Isabelle Gillette-Faye, sociologist, Director of GAMS, Groupe femmes pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles: The Prevalence of FGM in Europe: methodologies for evaluation

    0:34 Durata: 7 min 3 sec
  • Linda Weil-Curiel, lawyer, President of CAMS, Commission pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles: "Harmonising the existing legislative framework on female genital mutilation in immigration countries"

    0:41 Durata: 16 min 30 sec
  • Me Mame Bassine B. Niang, Human Rights Commissioner, Senegal: Legislating on female genital mutilation in countries where these practices are traditional

    0:57 Durata: 17 min 37 sec
  • Moushira Khattab, Ambassador; Secretary General, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, Egypt: Promoting information campaigns to bring about a lasting change in behaviour

    1:15 Durata: 20 min 45 sec
  • Edna Adan Ismail, in the chair

    1:36 Durata: 1 min 23 sec
  • Saumura Tioulong, MP, Cambodia

    1:37 Durata: 4 min 27 sec
  • Debate

    1:41 Durata: 1 ora 1 min