16 DIC 2001

Radicals in support of Chris Davies's civil disobedience action

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    Support Chris Davies' action Send an Email<br>Suggested text:<br> “Together with the Radical MEPs of the ELDR Group, I express my full solidarity to you for the nonviolent action and for your commitment in the common anti-prohibitionist struggle”. Radicals invite to mobilize in support of ELDR British MEP <p>16 December 2001 – Radicals take a firm stance in favour of ELDR British MEP, Chris Davies, arrested yesterday because of his demonstration in favour of legalisation of drugs. <p>On 15 December, Mr. Davies handed over cannabis directly to the police of Stockport, a town in the North-West of England, during a civil disobedience demonstration in support of a British citizen, Mr. Colin Davies (not related) arrested last November after having opened a Dutch-style coffee-shop in the English town. <p>Support from Radical MEPs<p>"In his civil disobedience action,– writes Maurizio Turco, President of the Radical MEPs – like dozens of Radical activists arrested in Italy, Mr. Chris Davies handed himself in at the police station with a small quantity of "soft drugs" to protest the current liberalisation of drugs". <p>"Radical MEPs, members of the ELDR Group – continues Mr. Turco – in saluting the gesture of their fellow antiprohibitionist, liberal, radical nonviolent activist Chris Davies, invite all MEPs of the ELDR group to promote a common political initiative on drugs". <p>In particular, Mr. Turco, urged his colleagues, members of "I democratici" (a component of the ELDR Group) Mr. Rutelli, Mr. Procecci and Mr. Costa – to associate themselves to the initiative of their colleague Chris Davies." <p>Next Thursday Davies on trial<p>"I am happy to have joined dozens of people that have been arrested for having demonstrated their support to Mr. Colin Davies," the ELDR MEP, who does not use drugs but who openly supports antiprohibition, said. <p>Right after his arrest Mr. Chris Davies, also affirmed his support to the opinion of Mr. Richard Brunstrom – a Chief of the North-Wells police – who believes that the legalisation of drug is the only way to win the "War on Drugs". <p>The police charged the British MEP for possess of cannabis and fixed the first hearing for Thursday 20 December. Radical MEPs will attend.Messages from radical party leaders<p>"I learned today from the Brasilian daily Folha your of civil disobedience antiprohibitionist action to legalise drugs" wrote Emma Bonino.<p>Former Ue commissioner underlined that "there are, in Italy, dozens of criminal proceedings being conducted against members of the Transnational Radical Party, among whom our colleagues Marco Pannella and Benedetto della Vedova, who undertook initiatives similar to yours". <p>"I look forward to working with you, at the European Parliament and with the Transnational Radical Party, towards our common objective" Bonino wrote.<p>"Congratulations and, if I may, a very sincere welcome on the trences of direct and nonviolent liberal action against the prohibitionist and anti-liberal statism" the radical leader Marco Pannella wrote in the message to Chris Davies.