17 LUG 2005

2nd Workshop on capabilities and happiness - First Day

[NON DEFINITO] | - 00:00 Durata: 6 ore 51 min

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Milano, 16 Giugno 2005 - " Researches on the "Economics and Happiness" are increasingly taking a considerable place among the interest of social scientists: quality of life, the relationship between goods and well-begin, relational good, intrinsic motivation, and the impact of basic need and relational satisfactions to motivation and wellness.

These inquiries overlap with the "Capabilities Approach", which very much directs attention to these issues.

In this strand scholars are interested in intrinsic motivations, civic commitment, relationship status and quality and personal growth as
indicators of a happy life.

This approach to happiness - that has supporters in economics, sociology and psychology - is fully consistent with the capabilities approach, and has been influenced by rediscovery of Aristotle's eudaimonic conception of happiness, as discussed in the work of philosopher such as Martha Nussbaum.

The principal aim of this interdisciplinary workshop is together scholars of all the different methodological strands for a rich encounter.


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  • Introduction by Flavio Comim and Stefano Zamagni

    0:00 Durata: 41 min 27 sec
  • Panel 1 : Happiness and good life

    Ed Diener "In Defense of Happiness"<p> Carol Graham "Some Insights on Development from the Economics of Happiness"<p>Dialogue Chair: Flavio Comim<p>
    0:46 Durata: 2 ore 6 min
  • Panel 2: Social relations as source of happiness

    Robert Sugden "Capability, Happiness and Opportunity"<p> Richard Ryan "Basic psychological needs: Arguments and empirical evidence concerning the universal foundations of well being from the perspective of self-determination theory"<p> Dialogue<p> Chair: Marina Calloni<p>
    2:55 Durata: 2 ore 2 min
  • Parallel sessions: Sessione 1C

    1) Mårten Lewander<p> Do Greater Fortunes Make Everyone Fortunate? - A Macro Study of European Happiness and Income<p> 2) Paul Dolan, Tessa Peasgood<p> Accounts of well-being and their usefulness for government policy<p> 3) Mozaffar Qizilbash<p> Capability, Happiness and Adaptation in Mill and Sen<p> COMMUNICATIONS:<p> - Hatice Karacay Cakmak, Itir Ozer<p> Gender Inequality and Capability Set: A Study of Turkey’s Women Case<p> DISCUSSANTS:<p> Anke Zimmermann, Anna Carabelli, Ed Diener
    4:58 Durata: 2 ore 1 min