15 MAG 2008

ALDE Conference: Opening the world to de facto States

CONVEGNO | - BRUXELLES - 10:46 Durata: 6 ore 6 min
A cura di Fabio Arena
Limits and Potentialities of de facto States in the International Context Organized by ALDE MEPs: Graham Watson and Marco Cappato.

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) together with the Alliance for Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) will hold a conference on de facto states in Brussels, Belgium in May 2008.

This event will bring together officials from unrecognized Governments with the main aim to create and sustain permanent mechanisms of involvement and consultation of unrecognized state entities in the International Community.

A selected group of academics among
officials, experts, and representatives of de facto states will allow the conference to address a broad range of issues with many perspectives.

The conference is envisaged to be a one-day event, consisting of three panels, an opening session, and a final reception for all participants.

The opening session will provide an introduction to the subject, as well as the aim and goals of the conference and a keynote address.

The first panel will address the international dimension of de facto states, with each speaker approaching the function and practice of de facto states under International Law and in the International Community.

Next, the second panel will approach specific issues affecting de facto states, especially concerning health care issues, economics and security.

Again, the speakers will be comprised from a range of different sources, including academic, officials and political experts.

Topics of interest include the challenges surrounding formal trade agreements, obtaining financial assistance from international institutions, and reducing security risks.

Finally, the third panel will address the question of Democracy and Good Governance in de facto states, and the challenges faced to preserve these ideals.

This portion of the conference will focus on the complexities of maintaining human rights standards, a strong civil society, and a working level of democracy in states that are politically isolated and unrecognized.

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  • Mohamoud Abdi Daar

    Somaliland Liaison Officer With EU

    Marco Cappato

    parlamentare europeo e segretario dell'Associazione Luca Coscioni (Alleanza dei Democratici e dei Liberali per l'Europa)

    Marino Busdachin

    Segretario generale dell'Organizzazione delle Nazioni e dei Popoli non Rappresentati (UNPO)

    Scott Pegg

    Associate Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

    Marco Pannella

    eurodeputato e presidente del Senato del Partito Radicale Transnazionale (Alleanza dei Democratici e dei Liberali per l'Europa)


    ambasciatore di Taiwan all'UE

    Tozun Bacheli

    Università King's College

    Daria Isachenko

    Università Humboldt

    Graham Watson

    presidente del Gruppo ALDE al Parlamento Europeo (Alleanza dei Democratici e dei Liberali per l'Europa)

    Ema Tania

    Banca nazionale dell'Abkhazia

    Micheal Alkan

    Università Ben Gurion

    Mandy Turner

    Università Bradford

    Antje Herrberg

    Crisis Management Initiative

    Pal Kolsto

    Università di Oslo

    Steve Kibble


    Nina Caspersen

    Università Lancaster

    10:46 Durata: 6 ore 6 min