06 MAR 2012

Connect Arab Summit 2012 - Connecting the unconnected by 2015... Doha (Qatar) 5-7 Marzo 2012 Summit dell'Unione internazionale delle Telecomunicazioni - Roundtable 1 - Educate. Create. Employ

DIBATTITO | di Mohamed Ba - DOHA - 14:45 Durata: 1 ora 5 min
Dismantling the barriers to entry through education, digital literacy, intrepreneurship, and the creation of an Arab ICT industry.

Educating to empower and open access to employment .

Observers concur in considering education as a key driver of socio-economic development, innovation, and employment.

Like other regions in the world, the Arab region is facing the aspirations of millions of young people of a working age, who remain unemployed and therefore unproductive because they lack the necessary education and skills the market is looking for.

Education is key to making people employable.

can facilitate access to information, knowledge and education.

Digital literacy is also a must in modern economies.

The ICT industry is also a direct creator of jobs.

This session will explore both avenues and lay the foundations for the creation of a local ICT industry and of a large education program for the region.

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