06 MAR 2012

Connect Arab Summit 2012 - Connecting the unconnected by 2015... Doha (Qatar) 5-7 Marzo 2012 Summit dell'Unione internazionale delle Telecomunicazioni. Roundtable 2 - Harmonize. Bulid. Access.

DIBATTITO | di Mohamed Ba - DOHA - 16:15 Durata: 1 ora 5 min
Developing a strong regional ICT network, through the harmonization of regulatory policies, the launch of the Arab Regional Digital Plan, and the access for all to networks, services, information, and knowledge.

Harmonizing policies to attract investment Investing in ICTs and building a modern and effective ICT infrastructure is key to socio-economic development.

The economies of the region have the opportunity to deploy new and innovative technologies, and to roll out broadband networks, both fixed-line and mobile, to boost their potential and attractiveness.

However, modern infrastructures
demand heavy investments.

Harmonization of policies and regulatory approaches is therefore key to leverage investment and realize economies of scale.

This session will explore how to attract investment to harvest the benefits of a modern broadband infrastructure.

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