07 MAR 2012

Connect Arab Summit 2012 - Connecting the unconnected by 2015... Doha (Qatar) 5-7 Marzo 2012 Summit dell'Unione internazionale delle Telecomunicazioni. Roundtable 5 - Youth . Innovation. Entrepreneurship .

DIBATTITO | di Mohamed Ba - DOHA - 14:30 Durata: 43 min 25 sec
Fostering job creation through the provision of incentives to entrepreneurship, particularly in the field of ICTs, or using ICTs as an underlying infrastructure.

Developing locally the new digital value chain, with special attention to young digitally articulate entrepreneurs.

Thinking the present to create the future In a broadband world, creativity and imagination are the limit.

Technology is no longer an issue.

In many countries, and particularly in the developing world, youth creativity is frustrated because of the lack of access to up-to-date technologies and communication channels.

While the
human cost is high, the opportunity cost is even higher.

The energy, creativity, intelligence of the new generations is lost, while it could easily be put at the service of the whole community.

This session will explore the power of ICTs to help youth deploy its full potential, by innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

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