27 AGO 2014

Bush and Blair, "Free Iraq" and the Chilcot Inquiry: 10-year campaign of the Nonviolent Radical Party

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This video sums up a campaign of the Nonviolent Radical Party started at the end of 2002.

Confronted with the belligerent perspective of the Anglo-American alliance, we came up with the proposal "Free Iraq: the only alternative to war" which consisted in the exile for Saddam Hussein and a democratic future for the Iraqi people under a provisory UN administration.

As time went by, the work continued bolstered by leaked documents which showed the determining role of democratic leaders Bush and Blair in the conflict.

Subsequently, our research has therefore been directed towards the Iraq Inquiry,
set up under popular demand by Gordon Brown in July 2009.

The evidence collected by the Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, and the information it has released so far, shed a brighter light on the circumstances in which both George Bush and Tony Blair waged a war that could and should have been avoided.

Some of the lies and deceptions collected in this video show the major damage suffered not only by the British democracy, but by democracy as a whole, the Rule of Law and international law.

Italian version: http://www.radioradicale.it/scheda/419485.

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