22 GIU 2016

6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty - Iran out of isolation: impact on the death penalty

CONGRESSO | - Oslo - 14:01 Durata: 58 min 57 sec
A cura di Fabio Arena e Bretema
Side event nell'ambito del 6° Congresso Mondiale Contro la Pena di Morte (Oslo, 21, 22, 23 giugno 2016).

Organised by Iran Human Rights, Impact Iran.

Following the election of Hassan Rouhani and the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 group, Iran has emerged from isolation, many foreign firms (especially Europeans) are preparing to do business in the country and Iran is considered an ally in the fight against ISIS.

But what about the death penalty? The focus of this event will be Iran after the nuclear deal and the role of the UN and the international community in the fight against the
death penalty.

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