17 OTT 2001

Radical Party: Convention «The situation in east Turkestan after half a century of Chinese occupation» (afternoon session)

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Brussels, October 18, 2001 - More than 100 Uighurs executed per year, and thousands arrested in East Turkestan, while China is called to be part of "Saint Alliance Against Terror".

Transnational Radical Party denounce the risk that after terrorist attacks in Usa, Chinese government can use the war against terror to repress the protests for independence in Turkestan, considering terrorists Uighur people, as like Tibetan.

"The risk of the war against terror is to forgive the State terrorism conducted by Chinese government to repress any form of dissent in Turkestan, Tibet, Mongolia", said Olivier
Dupuis, TRP's secretary.

The Conference on East Turkestan organised by the East Turkestan National Congress (ETNC) and the Transnational Radical Party (TRP) held in the European Parliament on October 17 adopted the following final document: The Conference on the situation of East Turkestan after 50 years of Chinese Communist Occupation, meeting in the European Parliament on Wednesday, 17 October, 2001,A.

strongly condemning the terrorist attack of 11 September on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon and terrorism and extremism in any forms;B.

expressing, on behalf of the Uighur communities around the world, its deepest condolences to the USA government, to the families of the victims;C.

denouncing the exploitation of these tragic and criminal acts made by the Chinese communist authorities to their own advantage in order to strengthen the crackdown on any form of dissent in East Turkestan by portraying Uighurs as Islamic terrorists, and by equating any request for the respect of basic human rights and to determine their own future to extremism and terrorism;D.

stressing the fact that the Uighur people is struggling since over 50 years for its freedom and self-determination and recalling that this struggle has nothing to do with transnational terrorism;E.

condemning the policy of State terrorism conducted by Beijing in East Turkestan to suppress any form of dissent and severely punish Uighur people for expressing their political, religious, historical or cultural views; recalls that the primary goal of the East Turkestan National Congress and of the Uighur Communities around the world is to end the illegal occupation of East Turkestan by the People's Republic of China and to implement the right to self-determination in accordance with the princ iples of democracy and secularism; calls on the International community in general and on the European Union in particular to seriously address the tragic situation of the Uighur People who, like the Tibetan People, suffer the dramatic effects of the Chinese policy of genocide by population transfer since the Chinese invasion and harsh occupation of East Turkestan; calls on the European Union and all democratic governments to do their utmost to persuade Beijing to immediately open political negotiations with the representatives of the Uighur people, including the East Turkestan National Congress, with the aim of ensuring the implementation of the basic human rights of the people of East Turkestan and to permit them to determine their own future.

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  • Per Garthon, Chairman of the European Parliament Delegation with the People Republic of China

    <strong>Index</strong><br><em>Enver Can, President of the east Turkestan national congress, moderates</em>
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  • Marie Holzman, Sinologist

    0:33 Durata: 11 min 55 sec
  • Ulrich Delius, Asian Director of the "Society for Threaten People"

    0:45 Durata: 15 min 56 sec
  • Peter Muller, International Society for Human Rights

    1:01 Durata: 21 min 46 sec
  • Michael van Walt van Praag, Professor at the San Francisco University, Co-founder of the UNPO

    1:23 Durata: 36 min 53 sec
  • Reading of Professor Sheripjan Napirov's message

    2:07 Durata: 23 min 7 sec
  • Tursum Islam, Leader of the Organization for human rights in Tajkistan

    2:30 Durata: 11 min 10 sec
  • Akhmet Igamberdi, former politic prisoner - speech translated in not simultaneous way

    2:42 Durata: 10 min 26 sec
  • Sultan Mahmut, Historian of uyghur literature - speech translated in not simultaneous way

    2:52 Durata: 5 min 49 sec
  • Riza Bekin, Honorary Chairman of East Turkestan National Congress - speech translated in not simultaneous way

    2:58 Durata: 15 min 7 sec
  • Conclusions by Enver Can, President of the East Turkestan National Congress

    3:13 Durata: 7 min 35 sec
  • Conclusions by Oliver Dupuis, Secretary General of the Transnational Radical Party

    3:20 Durata: 5 min 48 sec