18 LUG 2003

Npwj: Round Table discussion "The role of the International Community in the Promotion of Democracy and the Rule of Law"

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Rome, July 18, 2003 – A Round Table discussion on "The Role of the International Community in the Promotion of Democracy and the Rule of Law", was held at Giustiniani Palace (Italian Senate) on July 18.

The Round Table discussion was co-organized by No Peace Without Justice and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was dedicated to Mrs.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Prize winner in 1991, who on May 2003 has been once again arrested for her peaceful activities in favour of a democratic reform in Burma.

Following are the audio files of the statements of the participants to the Round Table

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  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba, MEP, moderates

    <br>Index<p><strong>Opening speeches</strong>
    0:00 Durata: 1 min 19 sec
  • Emma Bonino, MEP, former European Commissioner

    0:00 Durata: 15 min 55 sec
  • Margherita Boniver, Undersecretary of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Italy

    0:00 Durata: 18 min 32 sec
  • Marcello Pera, President of the Italian Senate

    0:00 Durata: 18 min 42 sec
  • Marco Pannella, MEP, founder of Transnational Radical Party, Italy

    0:00 Durata: 26 min 29 sec
  • Sheikh Hasina, Former Prime Minister, Bangladesh

    <p><strong>Needs and constraints for democracies in transition </strong>
    0:35 Durata: 16 min 10 sec
  • Sadek el Mehdi, Former Prime Minister, Sudan

    0:51 Durata: 15 min 11 sec
  • Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Director, Khaldun Center for Developmental Studies, Egypt

    1:06 Durata: 16 min 38 sec
  • Mohamed Altayeb, Chairman of the Human Rights committee of the Shura Council, Yemen

    1:23 Durata: 15 min 37 sec
  • James C. O’Brien, The Albright Group LLC, USA

    <p><strong>The crisis of the Un System</strong>
    1:38 Durata: 21 min 8 sec
  • Bernard Kouchner, former Minister of Health, former head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), France

    2:00 Durata: 19 min
  • Adrian Karatnycky, Senior scholar and counselor, Freedom House, USA

    <p><strong>From the community of democracies towards a world organization of democracies (WOD)?</strong>
    2:19 Durata: 17 min 31 sec
  • Antonio Alvarez-Couceiro, Secretary General, Club of Madrid, Spain

    2:36 Durata: 15 min 30 sec
  • Florentina Voicu, Deputy Director of the United Nations and Specialized Agencies Department, Romania

    2:51 Durata: 7 min 34 sec
  • Claudio Troncoso, director of Legal Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile

    2:59 Durata: 10 min 46 sec
  • Gianfranco Dell'Alba

    3:56 Durata: 1 min 15 sec
  • Ambassador Kanu

    3:57 Durata: 2 min 58 sec