19 DIC 2000

NPWJ: The Rome Statute of the ICC "Global developements and national conseguences" (II)

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The Hague, december 19th 2000 - On demand video concerning the second day of a training course for Parliamentarians, Policymakers, Scholars, Jurists and other Professionals in International Law & International Relations concerninc the International Criminal Court and the Rome Statute, promoted by Science Alliance and No Peace Without Justice.

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  • Adriaan Bos, Former Chairman of the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court: "Background and Preparations for the Rome Conference"

    <strong>Index of proceedings</strong><p>SESSION III - THE ROME CONFERENCE & STATUTE
    0:00 Durata: 52 min 41 sec
  • William Pace, Convenor NGO coalition for an ICC

    0:48 Durata: 2 min 48 sec
  • Adriaan Bos

    0:50 Durata: 1 min 53 sec
  • Roy S.Lee, Executive Secretary of the Rome Conference; Professor of the International Law, Columbia Law School, New York; UN Institute of Training and Research

    0:52 Durata: 54 sec
  • Phil Kirsch, Canadian Ambassador to Sweden, Chairman of the Preparatory Commission for the ICC; Former Chairman of the Committee of the Whole at the Rome Conference: "Negotiating the Rome Statute: a Success or Failure of International Diplomacy?"

    0:53 Durata: 49 min 37 sec
  • Roy S. Lee

    1:43 Durata: 2 min 28 sec
  • Hans-Peter Kaul, Head of the Public International Law Section of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs;Deputy Head of the German Delegation to the Rome Conference

    1:45 Durata: 6 min 40 sec
  • Roy S. Lee

    1:52 Durata: 1 min 17 sec
  • Herman Von Hebel, Chairman of the Working Group on Elements of Crimes of the Preparatory Commission of the International Criminal Court: "Post Rome Developments: the Work of the Preparatory Commissions"

    1:53 Durata: 43 min 51 sec
  • Debate with Herman Von Hebel

    2:37 Durata: 19 min 19 sec
  • Roy S. Lee, chiarman

    2:57 Durata: 1 min 44 sec
  • Michael P. Scharf, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for International Law and Policy,New England School of Law Faculty, Boston

    2:58 Durata: 32 min 2 sec
  • Roy S. Lee

    3:30 Durata: 1 min
  • Michael P. Scharf, Head of the Public International Law Section of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs; Deputy Head of the German Delegation to the Rome Conference: "The Jurisdiction of the ICC - Crimes, Defences and Mitigating Circumstances"

    3:31 Durata: 37 min 6 sec
  • Roy S. Lee, chairing

    4:10 Durata: 1 min 3 sec
  • William Pace, Convenor NGO Coalition for an ICC: "The NGO perspective on the ICC Statute"

    4:11 Durata: 34 min 25 sec
  • Carmen Colitti, Legal Advisor "No Peace Without Justice"

    4:46 Durata: 11 min 40 sec
  • Roy S.Lee, chairman

    4:57 Durata: 53 sec
  • Michael P. Scharf

    <br>Debate: Questions & Discussions with spokesmen
    4:58 Durata: 5 min 57 sec
  • Hans Peter Kaul

    5:04 Durata: 4 min 51 sec
  • Michael P. Scharf

    5:09 Durata: 5 min 39 sec
  • Niccolo' Figà'Talamanca, "No Peace Without Justice"

    5:15 Durata: 5 min 30 sec
  • Jamil, Ministro della Giustizia Pakistan

    5:20 Durata: 4 min 49 sec
  • Michael P. Scharf

    5:25 Durata: 1 min 56 sec
  • William Pace

    5:27 Durata: 16 min 20 sec
  • Hans Peter Kaul

    5:43 Durata: 4 min 12 sec
  • William Pace

    5:47 Durata: 1 min 44 sec
  • Roy S. Lee closoure of daily sessions

    5:49 Durata: 1 min 42 sec