13 MAG 2013

International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition FAO 13-15 May 2013. Parallel Session 3: The role of forests and trees in sustainable diets (green room)

DIBATTITO | di Mohamed Ba - ROMA - 15:30 Durata: 3 ore 2 min
Introductory presentation: the role of forests and trees on farms in sustainable diets: Patrick Van Damme, Tropical Agricultural and Ethnobotany, Ghent University Panel: Indigenous peoples food systems: Barbara Burlingame, Principal Nutrition Officer, FAO The contribution of tree products to micronutrient intakes and healthy diets: Katja Kelenbeck, Associate Scientist and Researcher, Tree Diversity, Domestication and Delivery, ICRAF The contribution of forest foods to diets: Patricia Shanley, Programme Director, People and Plants International The contribution of wood energy to sustainable diets: Wouter Maes, Postdoctoral Researcher, Laboratory of Plant Ecology, Ghent University.

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