05 GIU 2021


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Pete Kraska is a professor in the School of Justice Studies.

He has distinguished himself as a leading scholar in the areas of police militarization, criminal justice theory, and criminological research methods, publishing numerous books and influential academic journal articles.

He has testified at the U.S.

Senate and in numerous congressional hearings in various states.

His work is routinely featured in media outlets such as 60 Minutes, The Economist, Washington Post, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio.

He recently developed model
«No-Knock» legislation on no-knock police raids with Campaign Zero, and is helping to pass this legislation in over 60 state and local legislative bodies.

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    Pete Kraska

    criminology professor at Eastern Kentucky University, leading scholar on police militarization

    19:07 Durata: 41 min 57 sec