14 APR 2004

United Nations Commission on Human Rights: «Against a United Nations worlwide ban on human embryos stem cell research for therapeutic purposes»

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    Geneve, april the 14th, 2004 - The Transnational Radical Party and the Luca Coscioni Association for Freedom of Scientific Research and Treatment hold a briefing on the issue of “Freedom of Scientific Research and Therapy as a Human Right” at the UN Headquarters. Speakers: Prof. <strong>José Bernardo Cibelli</strong> (Argentina/US): Researcher at the Michigan State University. Consultant to South Korean researchers Woo Suk Hwang and Shin Yong Moon of the Seoul University on the publication in the February 2004 issue of Science of a ground-breaking study on therapeutic cloning. Prof. <strong>Bernat Soria Escoms</strong> (Spain): Director of the Institute for Bioengineering of the Miguel Hernández University of Elx (Spain) and of the first stem cell research programme in Spain. Prof. Soria was the first researcher to develop mice's stem cells into pancreatic cells producing insuline, which could allow cures for diabetes 1 within 10 years. Dr. <strong>Luca Coscioni</strong> (Italy): Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Urbino, Dr. Coscioni was diagnosed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 1997. Mr. Coscioni, currently paralysed on a wheelchair and speaking through a computer, embodies the fight for freedom of treatment and scientific research, relying the support of 50 Nobel Laureates. Hon. <strong>Marco Cappato</strong>, MEP (Radicals, Italy): Marco Cappato is a Member of the European parliament and Secretary General of the Associazione Luca Coscioni. In 2002 he was selected "European of the Year" by the European Voice. During the negotiations of the EU´s 6th Framework Programme for Research, Mr. Cappato was one of the most vocal MEPs against the moratorium on stem cell research EU funding.
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